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Undercroft Renovation Project

The Problem
St. Paul's parish hall, effectively known as the Undercroft, is in great need of an update.  Best estimates have it that the parish hall of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church has not had any kind of updates since the 1950’s (we know for sure since at least 1966).  Aside from its extremely outdated appearance, the parish hall has the following problems:
  1. Paneled walls nailed over the room’s original plaster.  Walls are very deteriorated and damaged.

  2. Ceiling has several holes made by animals that at one time infested the building (pest control issues have since been redressed).

  3. Linoleum tile floor is slowly disintegrating, with large gaps between tiles, corners peeling, etc.

  4. Electrical outlets are not grounded and are unsafe.

  5. There is likely no insulation.

The Plan
The congregation and vestry of St. Paul's have approved plans to raise funds to renovate the room.  We will be launching a capital campaign in the Spring of 2021 to finance the renovations.
The Project

Project Plans:

  1. Demolition of parish hall ceiling, walls, and floor.

  2. Replace/update electrical plugs, switches, lights, wiring, etc.

  3. Insulation of walls.

  4. Drywall walls and ceiling.

  5. Trim windows and doors and install wood wainscotting (to match other parts of the church).

  6. Painting.

  7. Flooring.

How You Can Help
Please consider making a pledge to support the project.  Pledges can be made traditionally or electronically and can be spread out as weekly or monthly donations up the three years.  A $50 monthly donation (fully tax deductible) represents a gift of $1800.
Giving Levels

Seraphim:          $1000-above*

Cherubim:          $500-$999

Archangel:         $100-$499

Angel:                 $99-above

Three Year Pledge

$100 per month             $3600

$75 per month               $2700

$50 per month               $1800

$25 per month               $900

*Seraphim donors will listed on Plaque in Undercroft.

All gifts will be recorded on the church website.

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