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Thank you to our donors, we have achieved our goal!


Larry & Fran Kanaby

Clark & Veniece Shuart

                                             -In memory of Jim P. Shuart

William Collon

                                                     -In memory of Norma L. Collon

James & Joyce Headlee

Ken & Patt Pratt

-In thanksgiving for all God's blessings: love, family, home, friends

Rachel Bates

David & Shelley Herrington

Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Michigan

Gilbert Tinsey

                                                 -In memory of Catharine Tinsey

Harold & Norlaine Tinsey

Patty Tinsey-Iseler

                                                                                  -In thanksgiving for the Peckford & Tinsey families

Mary Kain

Tim & Kathie Manney

Tom & Teri Manney

                                                                                                        -In thanksgiving for the ministry of St. Paul's Episcopal Church

Josh & Carrie Krzeszewski

St. John's Episcopal Church, Dryden

Dorothy Shinault

Mimi Herrington & Jim Warchall

                                                                   -In memory of Clark & Jeanette Herrington

St. John's Episcopal Church, Midland

Rev. Elsa A. Pressentin


Wayne & Becky Brady

Tom Collon

Kris Kuziel

Tom & Mary Jo Peters

The Reverend Nancy Mayhew

                                                               -In honor of St. Alban's Episcopal Church

Rev. Sharon Voelker

                                             -In thanksgiving for my ministry

The Rev. Dr. Val Fargo


Jan & Richard Abdenour

                                                                          -In memory of the Rev. Russell F. Manney, Jr.

St. Dunstan's Episcopal Church

                                                                                             -In thanksgiving for Rev. Thomas Manney's time with us

Robert & Eleanor Ethier

Bob & Cindy Joseph

Russ & Prudy Manney

                                                                        -In memory of the Rev. Russell F. Manney, Jr.

Peter & Thana Millar

Bev Reilich

Gary & Sharon Stambaugh

Matt & Jamie Thomas

                                                   -In memory of Evan Rhys Thomas

Daphne Thomas

Asa & Peggy Wilson

Mrs. Ilene DeChane

Kevin & Helen Jean Wiley

                                                      -In memory of Margaret Sylvia Wiley


Leland & Ceci Pratt

-In honor of "Prattville" (the Pratt family)         

Mike & Megan Bishop


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